About DragonTrap


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Q: Who is DragonTrap?

A: We are an innovative newcomer to the adult industry who provides exciting and content that makes you crave more. We aim to produce videos and photos that stimulate your senses. Quality material that appeals to us and you, our subscribers as well.

Q: What and Where is DragonTrap?

A: What we are is a company that produces the kind of erotica we have always wanted to see. Where we are located is tricky, because honestly we owe no fealty to any particular State or Province. Though we do pay taxes. Our home base is somewhere in the deep suburban jungles of Maryland.

Q: What makes Dragon Trap movies better than others?

A: We don’t know about better, we wouldn’t even say we are different, except to the extent that they are done by us. There is next to nothing new under the sun. What we do is try to capture that which has been captured before, but just from our perspective.

Q: What kind of people are in Dragon Trap movies, and is Dragon Trap still casting?

A: We like attractive, kinky, sexually open and adventurous people in our videos. And if that’s you, we do want you in more ways and positions than one. Please feel free to contact us.

Q: Are the pictures on the Dragon Trap website from scenes in the videos?

A: Yes and No. Some of the pictures are of the actors and actresses from the videos. Other photos are  from photo shoots exclusive for our website use only.

Q: When and where can I get copies of Dragon Trap’s first videos?

A: We are currently in editing, and hope to have the videos released shortly. You can sign up for our mailing list, and you can be the first to be notified when the videos are released.